How to Gamble from an Android powered device?


Having worked with Apple, Blackberry and Android (Linux), I have got to admit to being an Android man through and through. Now, I know that all of you iPhone converts out there will be up in arms that I’m insulting the God that is Apple, but there are many things to not like about a company that believes it can lease the hardware you buy, imposing restrictions that essentially puts you in Technology Alcatraz. At least Microsoft only leases the software you use and not the Hardware!

Now, there is one problem with Android, which is the same with all OS’s the world over, except for Apple, and that is the fact that although Android is hugely compatible (you can even get Android to work on your iPhone), there have been a few known compatibility issues from platform to platform.

For example my Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) is currently running Gingerbread 2.3.6, and although I am happy with my choice of phone and OS, the same cannot be said for someone using the Samsung Galaxy Note with Jellybean 4.2.2, as the software can make the phone run like a poorly oiled machine, a bit like when you install Windows 8 on a computer that’s designed for Windows XP.

As technology advances, the software to power it will also advance, leaving our 1 year old devices feeling (and looking) old.

The only upside to Apple releasing essentially the same phone with only a differing memory capacity is that its iOS platform is solely designed for use with the hardware it ships it’s computers, tablets, phones and iPods with. Meaning that yes, you don’t see the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) very often, but when the iOS does eventually churn it out, it does it in true Steve Jobs style, by taking everything that you ever held dear on your computer, phone or tablet with it.

Online Gaming and Jail Breaking Your Device

There is a political side to Apple which isn’t very nice either, and users the world over have tired of Apple’s dictatorship as to what you can and cannot do with a piece of kit that you’ve just paid an arm and a leg for, and although you may be thinking that politics has nothing to do with you gambling using your mobile device, you should be aware that a lot of apps will require the iPhone to be jail broken to allow you to actually download, install and run, and as gambling isn’t in Apples code of ethics (until, of course they become a registered online casino in Gibraltar), finding an online casino app which you can run will be a little more challenging.

More and more people are turning to Jail breaking their phones to simply liberate them, and send the not so subtle message to Apple that they don’t care about the warranty, they want to use the phone that they own in the way they want and not be dictated to as to what they can and cannot view, play and use.

Android however, due to its Linux based engine, is a bit more of a free being. Yes there are protective measures in place, such as not allowing you to over clock your phone, or hack into Due to Android being that little bit more free flowing, you’ll find that you can simply go to a website, download whatever software you need, install it and run it. Much simpler than faffing about with Jail-breaking your phone which doesn’t have a 100% success rate and has been known to render devices useless.

There are other issues when it comes to playing on any Smartphone, regardless of Brand, Model, Provider or even where you got it from, and that is, and always will be Battery Power. Now the thing with these new phones and devices is that they are now essentially computers, used for work, play and the occasional text message, and inside them, the working parts all require some form of power, I always know exactly how much power my phone has, even though its seldom not attached to the charger.

Android and Online Gaming

However, all things said, when it comes to the crunch of playing a game, whether that be some MMORPG, Monopoly or your online casino, you want to ensure that your phone will last as long as possible when playing on the go, so entering your settings panel, you’ll be able to tweak all kinds of settings to allow you to play for that bit longer, these including turning the sound off, turning vibration off, Bluetooth, GPS (that is a killer when it comes to battery life!) lowering the brightness of the screen, actually, all you need on to play online is your wifi or your internet connection.

I have Kaspersky Mobile Security running, and this is a must have for gaming online, it will keep out all kinds of nasties while also protecting you when browsing, and if you do your online banking with Barclays, it’s currently free! Not bad!

Now, it’s time to get ready for the fun bit, finding where to play. The first thing you’ll be wanting to do is find the casino that offers the most of whatever you’re looking for, whether that be card, table games, slots or a combination of all 3, you may just be after a gaming suite that will allow you to play real casino games free except for once every so often you decide to have a flutter, you need to take all of these things in to consideration before committing.

Firstly, get off your phone for now; it’s quite difficult to navigate full webpage’s on a 5″ display! Go to your casinos of choice and have a nosey. If you’re a little more internet savvy use Google, but remember, when in the wild, there are all kinds of people who are looking to do you over.

Always check out a websites security, go to the homepage, which normally isn’t encrypted because nothing sensitive is really being passed on, however, if you click register you’ll be looking for a green HTTPS:// at the beginning of the web address, if there isn’t, jot down the name of the website, and leave. The site wasn’t securely encrypted, could be easily compromised, leaving any transactions you would have made with them vulnerable, let alone any data you would have shared.

If it passes the HTTPS test, click the back button and check out the help page, have a scour about, see what they have to say for themselves, remember, it’s your money on the line, you deserve only the best for you. Generally a casino will quite boldly bombard you with every award won, licence held, who supplies the games, pretty much everything you can think of, a bit like a dog that’s found something it thinks you should see!

When on a Casinos homepage, this is the kind of thing you want to see, not seeing any of these anywhere means that the ‘Casino’ is most likely not honourable or even legal. So be careful and take your time.

Android Casinos

If you are new to gambling online, I’d seriously recommend you go to a name you know and trust, such as Bet 365 and William Hill, basically walk through your town centre, and any of the bookies you see there that have an app is pretty much safe!

You can download the app from either the website on your phone, or you can download it on to your computer and transfer it across at a later date, either way is good in my book. Once you have installed the software, you will be prompted to register; it is here that you will want to ensure that your internet protection software is doing what it should. Basically, just make sure it’s running, and if in doubt, check the settings to make sure that all of the correct settings are applied.

You’ll find that after you’ve joined you’ll probably get a few popup windows from the app, one to welcome you, one to thank you and another one to offer you a sign up bonus. Always check the T’s and C’s of a sign up bonus, as they always come with a certain play through amount and sometimes can be poor value for money depending on how you like to play.

Playing Android Casino Games

The beauty of the Apps is they are small enough to run on your phone but don’t compromise on the quality, however, the first time you do actually run a game, it may need to be downloaded, and as an entire casino suite can be many hundreds of megabytes, or even gigabytes in size depending on the size of the collection, the app will only download the games you want to play once you click on them. It’s a bit of a pain at times, but if you download maybe 5-10 games that you’d play while still attached to the mains that means you’ll have more time to play when on the move.

Should your phone occasionally lag, which all smart phones inevitably do from time to time, get yourself over to your task manager, and clear the RAM, on average I can shave about 200 – 300 mb off my usage, which also in turn prolongs battery life. Having that bit of extra RAM will also ensure the app runs smoothly and with no lagging.

Finally, to ensure that you’re gaming experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, battery health. There are loads of free monitors out there (like my Lego man!), simply take a look in the App store, you don’t have to go for the Lego Man, I just thought it was quirky and nostalgic, but these smart little apps will tell you everything you need to know about your phone and battery health, and should your battery be feeling a little poorly, you can replace it for a few quid instead of getting a whole new phone and having to go through this process all over again!

Just one final note, if you’re finding the phone is getting overly hot, it could be the environment it’s in, or you’re working it too hard, simply shut off the phone, give it 20 minutes to cool off, and reboot.

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