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Android Baccarat Games

Many casino players have never played the card game of Baccarat before, however it really is one of the easiest games to play and even more so if you have an Android device as you can now, thanks to our listed top rated Android casinos, play this popular card game anywhere and at any time you wish.

Allow us to explain how this card game works, for as soon as you learn the basics of it you will probably want to give it a try! To play Baccarat you first need to understand that unlike most other casino games you are not playing a heads up type of game between you and the house via the dealer as you are when you play games such as Blackjack.

Instead you need to choose the outcome of two hands of cards that are about to be dealt out in front of you. The two hands that are going to be dealt out once you have chosen a stake level at which to play, are one known as the Player’s Hand and one known as the Bankers Hand.

You then need to place a wager on which hand you think will end the game with a point value to as near as nine as possible, or whether both hands will be worth the same value and as such will be a Tied Hand.

There is usually just one deck of cards in the shoe when you play Android Baccarat and all of the cards have their own face values so a three of clubs is worth 3 points and a nine of hearts is worth 9 points and so on.

The picture cards are all worth zero as are the ten cards, with all of the Aces being worth just 1 point. Each hand will be dealt two initial cards and based on the values of these two cards a third card may be dealt out.

For example when player has been dealt two cards worth from zero to five in value a third card is dealt to the player, if the players hand is worth 6 or 7 then those hands will stand and no further cards will be dealt to them.

The bankers hand rules can be a little complicated to first get your head around, however the Android casino software will deal any additional cards to the banker’s hands in accordance with the game play rules and as such you will soon get the hang of the game.

The payouts you will be awarded with are completely dependent on which hand you have wagered on and obviously that hand wager must be a winning one for you to get paid out on it! A winning bankers hand pays out at even money however a 5% house commission will be charged on all winning bankers hand wagers, the player’s bet also pays out at odds of even money, however no commission is charge on these winning hand bets.

The standard winning payout for a Tied Hand winning wager is 8 to 1 with no house commission charged, however be aware that some mobile casino sites offer lower odds than that so make sure you avoid playing a game with lower odds than those listed for they will come with a much bigger house edge which will affect your winning chances!

Best Android Baccarat Casinos:

1.Jackpot City $500 FREE2.LuckyNugget $1000 FREE3.Gaming Club $350 FREE

Types of Android Baccarat Games

There are a couple of Baccarat game types you will be able to play at mobile casino sites when using any Android device to access them and these are as follows:

Standard Baccarat – This is the standard game of Baccarat, by standard we mean the game play rules are the industry standard ones and the winning payouts are even money for winning players hands, the same for winning bankers hands on which a 5% house commission is charged and the tied hand wager pays 8 to 1.

Live Baccarat Android Game – Some of the more technically advanced Android casino sites have a few live casino games on offer, these offer the above listed payouts however instead of playing against a computer via the random number generator you will be playing real life Baccarat games dealt to you via a video stream by real life dealers!

Android Live Baccarat

You will find lots of table limits in place on all Android Baccarat games and as such you can play for high stake, low stakes or somewhere in between!

Fair Play and Game Integrity

Due to the game of Baccarat being a very volatile game and as such winning and losing streaks are very commonplace, then you sure do need to be 100% confident that the Android casino where you are playing this game is dealing fairly and the game is completely random.

If you do not make sure the games are beyond reproach and fair then it can often be difficult to realize you are not being dealt a fair and genuine game! However to put your mind at rest each and every Android casino we list have fully licensed and regulated games all of which have been certified as being completely random.

You will find full details of which licensing jurisdiction licenses each Android casino site by visiting the respective website and looking for the gaming license approval logos, which should link directly to their gambling license on the licensing jurisdictions website.

Where to Play Android Baccarat Games

Have a good look at our Android casinos listed below as not only does each and every one of them have the Baccarat game available but as a new player of those respective Android compatible sites you can also bag a large and instantly credited new player bonus to help boost your starting bankroll. Free play options are also available on the Android Baccarat games at each listed site, allowing you to try them out before risking any real money credits!

Jackpot City Casino – It is going to be Microgaming’s excellent Android Baccarat game you will be playing should you opt to play at the Jackpot City mobile casino site, a rather large and not to be missed bonus will also be available should you sign up and become a new real money player today.

Gaming Club Casino – You can sample the delights of the Gaming Club’s Android Baccarat game if you choose to give their Microgaming software platform a try, the game is quick to load and those winning streaks could be just a tap of your screen away!

Lucky Nugget Casino – A huge bonus is on offer at our next Microgaming software power mobile casino site, and this is of course the long established Android casino available at the Lucky Nugget Casino site, with comps being awarded for every bet on Baccarat you make then plenty of additional casino credits will be coming your way if you become a loyal player!

Bet365 Casino -You will be able to play Baccarat games and in fact any type of casino games plus you will also be able to play bingo, poker and place a bet on your Android device when you join up to the top rated Bet365 site, plenty of wagering opportunities of every description are on offer plus with loads of bonus and comps up for grabs then you really do owe it to yourself to give them a try today!

William Hill Casino – You will not need an introduction to William Hill, as one of the world’s oldest and most established gambling companies everything about their gaming operation oozes class, their Playtech software powered Baccarat games along with their many other Android fully compatible casino games are also worth playing thanks to their low house edges and the seamless way they work on any kind of Android device.

Royal Vegas Casino – One final Microgaming powered Android casino site to tell you about is the Royal Vegas Casino site, if you prefer playing low stake games then they have some very low stake limit games including the Baccarat games, other card games you may find interesting include the excellent must play game of 3 Card Poker.

Party Casino – The standard Baccarat game is of course on offer over at Party Casino and what makes this mobile casino site interesting to a lot of Android casino game players is that it comes with its own propriety software thus meaning a new look and feel is on offer when you play any of their large collection of games.

Winner Casino – Playtech’s state of the art Android gaming platform is offer at Winner Casino’s mobile casino site, all of the usual card and table games can be found on offer and their Baccarat game is very easy to navigate and control using absolutely any type of Android device, give it a try today we think you will soon warm to it!

Casino Las Vegas – The last Android Casino we would like to introduce you to but certainly one of the best is the Casino Las Vegas site, fully compatible with not only Android devices including all models of Android phone but fully compatible with all other tablet and Smart Phone operating systems, visit their website today and you will find full details of some great value for money bonus offers.

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